Listening to your favorite music is always the best option to unwind yourself from your busy work schedule. As Roku offers top music and video channels finding your favorite music is not a big deal nowadays. Among the Roku music and video channels, music always entertains you with best music beats that are on demand.

Top programs to stream

Get ready to stream saved playlists and albums on the channel and it is always interesting. You will never end up bored streaming and you have even the option to save rented playlists. music

Amazon prime member subscription

If you have access to Amazon prime member subscription you can access around 2 million songs. As you add the channel you can start linking it to the Amazon account. Users who do not have an Amazon account can visit the respective page to create an account

Activate music channel

Start activating music channel and we have a quick start guide to help you music channel activation guide is easy and the first step is to choose the best device for streaming

  • Download the music app on your device
  • Register your streaming device to the music account
  • For channel activation, you can just log in to your Amazon account, make a note of the code visible on your app and then, enter it on the respective page
  • Wait for a while until the app refresh automatically and the  Amazon music library update with latest music collections

Select the best device that can offer you better streaming speed. Login to your Amazon account, register the code and then, proceed to activate the channel.

To avoid channel activation errors check the Amazon account and code that you use for activation. It is always important to connect the device to a good speed network. Reset the device and most of the errors will resolve.

Find the music that you love and then, enjoy streaming. If you require music channel activation assistance suggest you go to our website and then, read the information provided. Our support team is well certified to answer any queries and guide you for channel activation and troubleshooting. Visit our hub and our toll-free is +1-844-318-4357

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