Stream Winter X Games 2019 on Roku

If you own a Roku device, you are in for a ride! A cold one. Because this week is the start of a wonderful snow game tournament, Winter X Games! This year’s edition of this tournament promises to bring a lot of joy, competition and definitely something to watch out for.

There are a lot of channels that you can watch these games on, from your Roku TV. These games are exclusively streamed on channels like ESPN, ESPN 2 and ABC. We’ll let you know how to watch Winter X Games 2019 on Roku.

Winter X Games 2019 on Roku

What is Winter X?

On par with the other professional tournaments that are considered the epitome of sporting events, like Olympics and world cups, Winter X is a tournament for the Ice Sports.

There are some sporting events which going to make this event successful. Meaning, they had to come up with a few sports apart from the skiing and the snow mobile races.

These sporting events attract a lot of audiences, from the local population, and from other countries as well. Held in Aspen, Colorado this year, you can watch it from your home! Yes, just stream 2019 Winter X on Roku. How?

You can also surf the Winter X Games 2019 Schedule of events before you stream on Roku.

Step 1 – Finding the channels that let you stream the Winter X Games 2019 on Roku.

To your knowledge, here are the three channels that can help you stream the Winter X games 2019.

  1. ESPN
  2. ESPN 2
  3. ABC

You can stream these channels to be able to watch the Winter X games 2019 on Roku, whether Live, or recorded.

Step 2 – Searching, downloading and installing these channels.

Once you select which channels to stream the sporting event from, please enter the right keyword into the Roku search bar and hit enter. This keyword can either be the channel’s name, or the Sporting event’s name.

Once you see the channel you want to download in your search result, click on the channel and click on download. After the channel application is downloaded, install the application.

Step 3: Syncing accounts.

Once you synced your account and installed the application, there is one hidden step between you and the 2019 Winter X on Roku. You have to click and open the channel. The first time you open the channel, it will give you an activation code. Please note the code displayed on your TV, and enter the code in your browser window.

Now, you can stream the Winter X games 2019 on Roku. You can choose to watch the events live, or you can record the games and watch them later. For any queries on activating the preferred channel, visit or call us @ +1-844-318-4357

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