Roku is an entertainment hub. There’s no other streaming device that provides as many channels as Roku does, and there is no way that the streaming devices can make the channels as affordable as Roku does. Half the channels on Roku are free to begin with, and most of the channels that ask for payment do so after providing a free trial period!

This means that there is a lot of free entertainment here on Roku, and you only have to know what you are looking for. It’s not that difficult. In this blog, we’ll try and answer your most basic questions about Roku and it’s channel base.

What Channels are Free on Roku

  1. What channels are free on Roku?
  2. How to activate these free channels?
  3. What do I need for it?

Top free channels on Roku

And a lot more. To start off with, we thought we’ll let you know about the free channels and list a few famous ones here.

  1. Pluto TV
  2. Crackle
  3. The Roku Channel
  4. The CW App
  5. PBS Kids
  6. Comet
  7. NewsOn
  8. Tubi
  9. Twitch
  10. YouTube channel

These are very few of the abundant free channel list on Roku! Now that we have the question “What channels are free on Roku? and How do I activate them?

However, before that, what do I need to activate the channels that are free on Roku?

  1. Roku account
  2. An active internet connection.
  3. Additional channel accounts if the channels demand you to have one.

How to activate channels on Roku?

Is it enough to know what channels are free on Roku? Should we not know how to activate them? Well, here you go!

  1. Search for the right channel, or show using the Roku search bar.
  2. After you find the channel or show you were looking for, download and install the channel from the Roku application store.
  3. After you install the channel, open it, and make sure that you have a separate browser window open in a device.
  4. When you open the channel, it will give you a Roku activation code, which you’ll have to enter the Roku activation link.

You can perform a voice search as well, using Roku’s mobile application or Roku remotes. These search options can help you find channels faster and easier. Please remember that you can not locate private channels this way, and you will have to search for them with the codes for these private channels.

If you have any questions or need a Roku private channel code and what channels are free on Roku, please let us know. Visit or dial our toll-free number is +1-844-318-4357, and you can call us any time you prefer! Happy streaming!

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