The NFL Super Bowl is probably one of the very few sporting events that get as much attention as it does! Basically, NFL is where the defending AFC and NFC champions compete to be declared as the NFL champion.

This year, on the 53rd edition of the NFL Super Bowl, the American Football Conference’s title holders, The New England Patriots and the National Football Conference’s defending champions, the Los Angeles Rams will go head-to-head. They will compete for the NFL championship. Guess what? You can stream their NFL Super Bowl 2019 on Roku!

NFL Super Bowl 2019 on Roku

Roku and NFL

Roku has always made sure that the users have at least a few channels to choose from when it comes to streaming the NFL games. This year’s NFL is happening in the Mercedes Benz stadium in Atlanta Georgia. This is the third time the place has hosted the NFL.

This time, Roku offers a few channels, amongst which there are a few free channels as well, to stream the NFL games. Here are a few channels that’ll let you stream the NFL LIII.

This year’s NFL will fully be streamed by the CBS channel. In Roku, you can get the stand alone CBS application, or download it as a part of a bundle. This way, you’ll be able to stream the NFL Super Bowl 2019 on Roku.

Stream NFL super bowl on Fox Sports Go channel. Activate Fox Sports Go on Roku to stream the live sports and great shows.

How do I stream the NFL Super bowl 2019 on Roku?

Now that we know CBS is the channel that streams NFL, we will have to search, download, install and activate the channel.

  1. So, first login to your Roku account, or your browser, or your mobile application or your TV.
  2. Go to the Roku search bar and enter the keyword CBS, or the keyword “NFL Super Bowl”.
  3. You will have a few search results, and you will have to choose CBS from it. Once you choose the channel, please make sure to download the channel. Once you download the channel, please install it.
  4. After installation, open the channel on your TV.
  5. If this is the first time opening the channel, then Roku will throw an activation code on the TV screen.
  6. You will have to note the code and enter it on to the activation webpage.

Once you enter the code, the channels will be ready to stream. But, there is one final step keeping you from streaming the NFL Super Bowl 2019 on Roku. You will have to login to your CBS account to proceed further.

You can watch NFL Super bowl 2019 events online using PlayStation Vue. Activate the channel using steps.

Once done, you can stream the NFL Super Bowl 2019 on Roku, any time you want. So, which team do you root for and why? Let us know in the comments! Also, if you have any trouble activating the channels or issue in getting NFL Sunday Ticket on Roku, visit please let us know. Our toll-free number is +1-805-273-0200.

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