TCL is a well-known television manufacturing company, and the TCL Roku TV is a blend of TCL and Roku, where you can find the inbuilt Roku device in the TCL TV. By availing this TCL Roku TV, you don’t need to arrange any separate streaming device and rummage with wired connections, just set up the TV, plug in and turn on. You will directly land in Roku’s entertainment world with stunning display clarity. Learn how to Fix TCL Roku TV Black Screen issues.

TCL Roku TV Black Screen

Extensive features

  • With 4K Ultra HD, you are exposed to the high-resolution entertainment with a single click
  • Furthermore, you can configure other detailing options to get the enhanced picture quality
  • Additionally, Direct-lit LED to let the users have a great picture frame clarity for all the contents
  • Dual band allows users to connect via either wired or wireless internet network
  • With a 120 Hz refresh rate, TCL Roku TV can offer you the optimum clarity for all the fast-moving frame sequences

Refer the below-furnished information to know about TCL Roku TV black screen and steps to resolve

TCL Roku TV black screen error

Every device is prone to some kind of errors, and TCL Roku TV black screen is an error in which the TV is turned on, but with zero display. But in this case, it is hard to spot out the cause for the error, as you can spot only the void black screen. It may arise mainly because of mishandling the device and some other external device factors and we have listed out some easy solutions.

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Steps to overcome the black screen

Check the front LED

  • You can see a white LED indication in front of the TCL Roku TV, when the TV is in standby mode or off
  • Point your remote towards this LED, press random buttons and the for the LED blinking
  • If you are receiving the blink, go to the next step

Troubleshooting the accessories 

  • Otherwise, first, troubleshoot your TCL Roku TV remote
  • Next, check out your TV is getting sufficient power and the power cord is firmly connected or not
  • If you are using any random power cord or cable other than the TCL Roku TV package, then remove the power cord and try out for the original one

Checking the wired connections

  • Locate all the ports and check all the wired connections in the rear end of the TV is firmly connected or not
  • If possible, unplug all the connections, reconnect again from the beginning and then turn on the TV


  • Probably, if you have turned off your TV during any software update, chances are there to face this error
  • Press the power button which is beneath the TCL logo on the TV and turn off for some time duration
  • Remove all the cables and restart the TV after that duration

Factory reset

  • To do the factory reset option on the black screen, in the TV connector plan, press and hold the reset button using a clip for above 12 seconds
  • The TV is now turned off and the factory reset is done
  • Try to restart after a while

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