Roku error code RLC-1000 is a contrary one than the other common prevailing error codes. The cause for this error code is not by the blunders in the device setup process. It is solely because of troubles in the spectrum channel app stream.

Spectrum Error Code RLC-1000

Spectrum error code RLC-1000 

This spectrum channel is a free one for all the users who have subscribed to the Time Warner network. But currently, the Time Warner network is transforming to the spectrum channel, and so the user needs to download the newer version of spectrum channel. Those who are not aware of this and using the older version are facing the spectrum error code RLC-1000 due to the spectrum channel app.

This spectrum channel is totally available at free of cost. So, download the latest version and start streaming the spectrum. The other prevailing reasons for the spectrum error code RLC-1000 and solutions are listed below.

Common solutions

Restarting the device

This is not only for the RLC-1000 error code, but it’s also for all errors. 50{33740d6366c3fb36e77d3b7385cba31ddb359fb54ea60afe8610d920e40f2aa8} probability is there to overcome any type of error just by restarting the devices. So, if you are facing error codes, in the first place, restart the streaming player and router, and reconnect to the app.


Chances are there to face the spectrum error code RLC-1000 even after updating the spectrum channel app to the latest version. In such cases, it is better to uninstall and reinstall the channel app again from the beginning. Just uninstall, download the fresh app from the Roku store and install. In most cases, reinstalling will solve the existing issue.


Also, unplug the power cord from the streaming device and remove the power connections from the router also. Then plug the connections from the beginning after a while. Check if the wired connections are made firm or not. Reconnect and turn on the device after some minutes.

Common errors

As said earlier, mostly error code 1000 prevails because of the spectrum channel app installation fault. In rare cases, this error will arise because of common mistakes also. So if you are facing spectrum error code RLC-1000 after going through the above-mentioned steps, check for the common errors like password mistakes, slow internet connection, Roku sign in error etc.

Display check

Ensure you have selected the right input source for playing the video. Turn off the devices and insert the HDMI cable ends firmly to both the TV and the streaming player. Don’t prefer other brands HDMI cable or defected one to use.

Poor signal strength

Slow internet connection/weak signal strength always leads to any of the error codes. First verify, whether your network is strong enough to load the contents. If possible, check with any other device for the signal strength and improve the strength by placing closer the devices.

If the wireless connection is causing perpetual errors, try out for the Ethernet cable connection. Choose wisely, and update the network connections.

Mentioned instructions are the common and rudimentary steps to solve. Besides this, if you want more solutions for the spectrum error code RLC-1000, visit and moreover, you can call our agents by the toll-free number +1-844-318-4357.

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