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Over the years, premium cable channels have worked really hard at survival. Whether it is HBO or Starz, these providers have used their independently-produced content to woo and keep their customers especially the ones who are moving away from cable TV. You must most certainly take a look at if you are trying to cut the cord. There is a broad range of original programming, unique app features that are even better than the competition and more importantly, popular content.

How different is Showtime Anytime from Showtime?

Essentially both of them offer the same service and the difference is, we should say, similar to HBO Now vs. HBO GO. The channel has a comprehensive catalog of documentaries, boxing specials, original content and a lot more. Except for the fact that Showtime Anytime is accessible on the go, both of them are quite alike. Showtime is a standalone streaming service that can also be acquired in a number of ways. But sometimes we tend to use both the terms interchangeably and they can get rather confusing. Focus on how you would acquire Showtime content if you are still not sure which one of these is right for you.

Pricing information

The cost of subscribing to depends upon your cable company. Here are some examples.

  • Showtime on Comcast Xfinity runs currently runs $12 per month
  • On DirecTV Now it runs at $13.99 per month
  • By contrast, you will find Showtime on Verizon FIOS, at just $15 per month; the provider also allows you to add premium channels such as Starz, Cinemax, HBO or Epix for an extra $10 per month.

Other providers that will let you feature Showtime Anytime are:

  • AT&T U-verse
  • Bright House Networks
  • Charter Communications
  • Cox Communications
  • Dish
  • Time Warner Cable

These premium movie channels are provided free of cost for a year if you’re signing up for a new cable package.

How does the channel app work?

You can easily download the app from the Apple App Store or Google Play. Use the same username and password for the code process that you received from your provider, to sign in to the app. You get on-demand access to all programming and movies from Showtime plus you have two live channels called Showtime East and West. Whatever is played on the main Showtime channels is played here too. Users can also download content on to their mobiles for viewing offline. This is currently available with the two movie channel services hosted by Showtime (Starz is the other one). Stay up to date absolutely guilt-free with Showtime. It features a series that will suit travelers with tight data limits.

The Showtime app

Whether you watch on a smart TV, game console, or mobile device every cord cutter gets to access Showtime on major streaming devices. Subscribe to Amazon, Hulu or Hulu with Live TV You to watch all the content that you wish to. The interface is smooth and easy to understand, no matter what method you choose.

Streaming options

Some of the most popular streaming options are Apple TV, Chromecast, and Roku. Stream on any device at just $10.00 per month. On the Apple TV, you can get Showtime through any Apple device platform and even Apple TVs. The channel offers a free seven-day trial and thereafter charges you about $10.99 per month. To get started you must download the Showtime App from the App Store. On Chromecast, you just have to add it as a premium channel and on Roku, just add it your monthly contract.

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