Streaming devices are amazing pieces of equipment. The way it’s supposed to be! After the advent of these Streaming Devices, there were no more fuss about having to miss favorite programs due to work.

You don’t have to stay subscribed to a cable operator who charges you for a bundle of channels, of which you don’t even watch all of the channels.

But having said all these, the market offers too many choices. So, we decided to take the two most prominent choices, and compare them. So, Roku Vs Fire Stick, which one fairs better?

Roku Vs Fire Stick


Affordability is Roku’s strong suit. The company sells a lot of models, each one gets progressively better. The one consistent factor that ties together all models of Roku is affordability. Though Fire Sticks sell for a low buck when compared to other alternatives, Roku Streaming Stick, a direct competitor to the model is priced way cheaper. So, in the Roku Vs Fire Stick affordability race, Roku wins by a decent margin.

Availability of channels | Amazon Fire Stick vs Roku

Amazon comes with a free prime membership. Appreciable. But what Roku offers is even better! Roku Channel is free for all, not only with a Roku, but even with a Roku application. Roku is also known to provide a bit more vast range of channels when compared to Fire Stick or any other channel.

It is also noteworthy that Roku doesn’t push you towards sponsored or owned channels. They are very neutral in their suggestions, whereas the Fire Sticks just keep seeling you prime memberships.

roku vs amazon fire stick

Set up, channel installation and other operations

Both Roku, and Amazon Fire Stick have almost the similar setup process, except that Amazon does not introduce concepts like Activation codes and TFAs. Roku does that, and it’s setup is a bit longer than Fire Stick’s. This process that makes Roku setup a bit longer helps Roku protect their customer information.

As far as Firestick vs Roku channel setups are concerned, Roku wins this one simply because of their exceptional search. Though they have oceans of channels to search from, their algorithm picks up channels and content even based on marginally matching keywords.


While we do think Amazon is doing a great job with Prime than the Roku Channel, Roku as device is way more utilitarian than Amazon Fire Stick, or any other streaming media player.

Just let us know what you think of our comparison on Roku Vs Fire Stick, and let us know if you have any questions. You can leave a comment below, or call us on our toll-free number +1-844-318-4357 to have your questions answered. Happy Streaming!

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