Roku Screen Mirroring Feature

You can now share your music, photos and videos from your smartphone on to your TV. With the Roku, the screen mirroring process is very simple. You can perform screen mirroring from almost all of the Roku com link account devices. Even Android and Windows users can mirror their content from their platforms to the TV.

Difference between Casting and Mirroring

While the terms are used interchangeably, some subtle differences exist between casting and mirroring, especially when using your Roku device.

Roku Screen Mirroring

Enjoy With Your Roku Screen Mirroring Option

Sending Content

To CAST content, you should have a compatible mobile device. For MIRRORING, users can conveniently view content from any of the apps installed on the smartphone.

TV Display

Playback is possible only for a specific piece of selected content with casting. Once again, with Roku screen mirroring, users will be able to see the entire screen, inclusive of menus and buttons. Each action performed mirrors itself on the TV screen.

Playback Controls

Choose to use your Roku remote or your mobile device to control the display with casting. All of the actions can be controlled on your mobile device with Roku screen mirroring.

Device Power

Power off your device entirely or use your mobile device to do something else, when you use casting on Roku. Screen mirroring requires your mobile to stay on for the entire duration that you are using the feature.

Mobile Device Support

Most of the mobile devices support casting. Content is sent to the TV, when you see a casting icon on your mobile devices. But for screen mirroring on Roku, there is limited availability on the phones.

Click Here to Screen Mirror on Roku

Set up the Roku for mirroring

  • Enabling screen mirroring feature on Roku is one of the first steps that you have to perform on the device
  • From the left navigation area, click on SETTINGS
  • Here you will find the ROKU SCREEN MIRRORING option
  • Simply tap on it

The Android device

  • Users must ensure that the Android is equipped with an OS version of 4.4.2 and newer
  • Click on SETTINGS and then on ABOUT to ascertain the version
  • Furthermore, connect the device to the same Wi-Fi as your Roku is connected to
  • On the Roku com link device, go to the SETTINGS menu first and then to the NETWORK section to determine screen mirroring option on Android device.

Start mirroring

On the stock Android device do the following:

  • Thereafter, look for the MENU button and select it from the top right corner
  • Then check on the box against ENABLE WIRELESS DISPLAY
  • When you look at the Android device’s CAST SCREEN section, you should see the Roku displayed there
  • Reopen the CAST SCREEN section from the SETTINGS menu if you don’t see your Roku
  • Invariably, the Roku Stick or Box appears
  • Tap on it to select and then connect
  • Check if the TV display shows exactly what your Android contains

Windows 10 mirroring

  • On the Windows device, go to the ACTION CENTER and choose CONNECT
  • A list of audio devices and wireless names appears
  • Thereafter, only follow instructions to complete the projection
  • A PROJECT TO WIRELESS DISPLAY message displays on the Windows device

For detailed instructions on Roku Screen Mirroring, visit or reach out to our agents for advice at +1-805-273-0200.

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