Troubleshoot the Roku Remote Not Working Issue

The Roku player is basically operable with two kinds of remotes, the Standard IR or Infrared remote and the Enhanced Remote that comes with POINT-ANYWHERE features. Without a doubt, the remote is one of the key accessories of the Roku. So, when you face the Roku Remote Not Working issue, the device is virtually inoperable.

Roku Remote Not Working

Roku Remote Not Working

Initial Roku set up

During the initial setup, it is highly important to sync the remote and the player to activate the device. It is only after this syncing that you can access the input selection, internet and network connection and other functionalities of the device. Besides, all controls including, channel selection, playback, pause and other navigation are performed through the remote.

Properties of the Standard IR remote

The standard Roku remote manipulates the invisible infrared or IR lights to transmit commands to the player. Point the IR remote directly at the player for it to operate reliably. There should be no blockages between the device and the remote because this can cause a hindrance to signal transmission. You know you have a standard IR remote when you see that there is no PAIRING button under the battery compartment.

Characteristics of the Enhanced Remote

The POINT-ANYWHERE remote is the enhanced version of the standard IR as it commands through Which means, the remote does not have to point directly at the device to accept commands. An enhanced Roku remote can be identified with the presence of a PAIRING button below the battery compartment.

Roku Remote Not Working

There are different tasks that you can perform if your standard IR or enhanced Roku remote is not working.

The IR Remote

If there is an erratic response from your IR remote or no response at all then one of the most common reasons is missing a button press or there an object either fully or partially blocking the path of the signal. Check if there are any visible obstructions and remove them from the way. You can also try holding the remote a little higher than usual and ensure that you point it directly at the Roku device. Try reinserting or resetting the batteries or replacing them altogether. Alternatively, get a new remote to resolve the problem altogether.

Enhanced Remote

When your Roku remote does not work, then the first remedial action that you should perform is to restart your device. Remove all cables and connectors from the device, and wait for some time before you plug in again. Thereafter, reinsert the remote batteries to sync the device. Hold the pairing button down and wait till a light starts flashing. A pairing dialog appears on the TV Screen. If you are unable to pair the devices, then replacing the batteries is the best option.

HDMI Cable

This particular remedy works only for the Roku Streaming Stick Plus. Wireless interference from the HDMI connector impacts the performance of the remote. When this happens, move the connector away from the TV and use the extension cable to connect the Roku Streaming Stick setup.

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