New Roku Premiere plus 4K

Both the Roku Premiere and the Roku Premiere plus 4K are considered as the least priced HDR and 4K streamers ever. For many of the 4K TVs sold this year, these players are the most compatible as well, since they will be able to render the desired picture quality at affordable rates.

Roku has always been revamping its lineup. In 2016, it overhauled the software and then again in 2017, it refreshed the Roku Express device. Finally, the Ultra with HD-ready features entered the market along with the Express’s HDR-compatibility.

Roku Premiere plus 4K

Roku Premiere plus 4K

Operating System

The latest version of the Roku OS is 9, which is also available on the Premiere and Roku 4K Premiere+. Stream outstanding picture quality easily and affordably with the new Roku devices. The players come with an easy-to-use remote that contains quick-launch buttons to some of the most popular channels. Batteries for the remote are also in the packaging. All you have to do is connect the player and then sync it to the remote and start streaming. With the introduction of both these mid-level 4K HDR streamers, Roku just made a triumphant return.

Roku Premiere

A low-priced 4K streamer, the device is compatible with HD and 4K HDR. Costing just $39.99, the player consists of a powerful quad-core processor that is compatible with the 802.11 (b/g/n) wireless. In addition to the remote and battery accessories, the device also comes with a high-speed premium HDMI cable. The player’s small form factor ensures that it stays out of sight. Setting up the player takes only a few minutes and as usual, requires you to have an account on the If you already possess an account, you just have to enter your login details on the premiere’s interface itself and follow the relevant setup screens. Roku has also retained its inimitable search functionality through this model.

Premiere Plus

Providing the best return on investment and value for money, the Roku Premiere plus 4K comes with a high-speed quad-core processor, a slick body that has a small profile and an intuitive feature-rich interface. Additionally, this Walmart-exclusive device provides 4K HDR support for just $49.99. It is barely noticeable in your entertainment center, just about a quarter of the size of its 2016-predecessor. The Premiere+ remote consists of simple navigation keys and a microphone for searching content with your voice. You can even control your TV’s volume with its help. With a minimalist interface, it wins the prize for the most convenient streamer for years to come.

Other Roku introductions

Another noteworthy device from the Roku is the Ultra costing just $99.99. This is also one of Roku’s most powerful, feature-packed streamer that virtually fulfills all your entertainment needs. Offering both Ethernet 10/100 and 802.11ac dual-band wireless, the device displays impeccable and smooth connectivity. The remote has gaming buttons, volume buttons, quick-launch buttons, and a headphone jack that lets you listen to your programming privately. This fall, the Roku device is also bundled with JBL headphones at $39.95. For continuity of this offer, users are requested to check the manufacturer’s website before buying.

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