Roku is one of the easiest to use, and easy to set up streaming devices of all time. But it goes without a saying that any gadget is susceptible to malfunctions. Roku, though does not run into critical issues that can probably break the system, is still prone to smaller issues. Like, the Roku keeps losing connection to the internet!

The fixes are quite simple as well. So, we thought we’d list out a few easy to do fixes, and help you out here.

Roku Keeps Losing Connection

Is your Wi-Fi strong enough?

Check if the WiFi signal is actually strong enough and if the Roku device is well within the range of the WiFi. If not, consider moving the Roku device, or the WiFi router closer to the other.

If the connection is wired, switch the router off, wait for fifteen seconds, switch it back on and now connect the Roku device to the router. This should help you get the connection up and running.

Are there too many obstacles?

If reducing the distance measure did not help, please check if there are too many obstacles between the two gadgets. This might be one of the most important reasons why your Roku keeps losing connection.

  1. If you do find that there are a lot of obstacles between the two, please consider repositioning them. This might not only solve the issue but will also significantly improve the connection speed.
  2. Again, if it is connected to WiFi, but the last step did not work for you, we advise changing the cable that connects Roku and your modem.
  3. Try a reboot.
  4. If none of these work, and if your Roku keeps losing connection despite all these, you will have to consider redoing your setup.
  5. Disconnect Roku from all the gadgets. TV, and the router. Switch off all the three gadgets and wait for sometime. Now, redo the connection.
  6. Please make sure to connect the TV, and the Roku device to the same internet if you’re going to connect the TV to the internet as well. If it’s a wired connection, connect them both to the same router.
  7. Connect Roku directly to the router, and do not use an external adaptor or connector.

If it’s not and still your Roku Keeps Losing Connection please call us, and we’ll take a closer look at what’s wrong and will help you fix it. Visit or call our toll-free number is +1-844-318-4357

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