Do you face buffering issues on your streaming device? Let us have a review of the reasons why Roku keeps buffering and the remedies to help you resolve it. Reasons for buffering issues are many and most often it may be due to a faulty network connection. Start executing the available tips and resolve Roku buffering errors to obtain uninterrupted streaming with your Roku, any model.

Roku Keeps Buffering

Streaming Device restart

  • To avoid the issues, restarting the device is the best option
  • We suggest you take out all the cables and connect them back once again
  • Also, ensure that all connections are secure
  • The device settings will reset automatically if you perform either soft, hard or factory reset
  • Just find out the compatible device settings

Troubleshoot internet connection issues

Internet connection issues may be another reason for the error and it is always important to use the router with good network speed

Get a new router

  • Check the reviews, find the best router to use with your device and purchase it right away
  • Contact the internet service provider to ensure that they are not facing any network issues

Improve the wireless signal strength

  • For streaming, Roku devices need a network speed of around 1.5 Mbps is required for download and 3.0 Mbps for streaming
  • Performing a device speed test is one of the best options to know the device streaming speed and suggest you to use range extenders to improve signal strength

Uninstall all the apps

  • If you have installed any channel apps on your device try to uninstall it and install it again
  • Check if the mobile apps that you use are updated if the Roku keeps buffering further

Roku device software update

  • Verify the software that you use and ensure that it is the latest version
  • If not try to navigate to the Settings >System >System update to find the settings for a Roku software update
  • Scan your device once and it will be good to uninstall the external or incompatible software that may affect your device

Clear the app data and cache

  • Try to clear the app data and network cache once and check if the buffering issues still remain
  • Verify the quality of videos that you use for streaming and it depends on the streaming device that you use

Roku keeps buffering and you are unable to resolve it? If you want to get more tips, just ring the Roku customer service phone number and our executives are always happy to guide you any time.

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