Roku Express VS Roku Express Plus

Roku Express and Roku Express Plus are the best streaming device that is available in the market today with the outstanding features. Check out the reviews of Roku Express Vs Roku Express Plus to know more about the specifications.

Though the features and the specifications of each device vary, the setup process remains the same.

Roku Express VS Roku Express Plus

Compare Roku Express VS Roku Express Plus To Watch Your favorite shows

Roku Express Review

Let us have a quick review of the Roku express( features and the specifications

  • Design features are amazing. You can easily slide the device.
  • The remote controller is small and you can make your selections easily.
  • The Interface is quite easy to navigate
  • Set up process is easy if you have a Roku account and a good speed Network connection
  • Use the private listening mode to listen to your favorite tunes with a pair of headphones
  • There is a play on feature using which you can browse your favorite movies, music and photos on your device
  • The Micro USB slot available can be used to insert the power cable and power up the device
  • Activate and you can access a lot of popular channels such as PBS kids( Roku), Netflix, Amazon, Now TV, CBS( Roku) and a lot more
  • The free mobile app available for the device allows you to stream the contents from your smartphone or tablets
  • Make use of the amazing audio features such as Digital stereo and DTS digital surround
  • The standard IR remote has the channel shortcut buttons to make the selections easily
  • Measures around 1.4*3.3*0.7 inches and weighs around 1.3 ounces
  • Use the HDMI 1.4 port to connect the HDMI cable
  • Requires the power input voltage of around 5V to 1A to operate the streaming device
Roku Express+ vs- Roku express

Compare the Reviews of Roku Express Vs Roku Express Plus Here

Roku Express Plus

  • Complete the device setup and you can access latest channels such as Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, Youtube and a lot more.
  • Use the HDMI port to connect the device to the Roku TV
  • The Roku Express Plus( is affordable and you can purchase it for low cost
  • Access the channel library to watch the lineup of the top and best channels
  • Can connect the device to the olderTV models that do not have the HDMI port
  • Offers a lot of streaming apps.
  • The Roku Express Plus package arrives with the 2 AAA batteries and the necessary cables to set up the device
  • Use the Roku remote app and install it on your mobile device. Download the app on your device and use your mobile device as the Remote control.
  • Voice search feature is available with the mobile apps to make your selections using the voice
  • Easy to stream the HD contents in good quality and speed
  • Affordable and you can purchase the device for low cost and prize

How to set up your Roku streaming Device

The Roku setup process becomes much easier if you have the essential requisites and a good speed network connection

  • To start with the setup prepare your streaming device and complete the guided setup process( Language and display selection, Connecting the device to the Network)
  • The next step will prompt you to download the compatible software for your device
  • Connect your device to the network and go forward with the onscreen instructions to complete the setup.
  • If you come across any errors, you can execute the troubleshooting tips available and the steps remain the same for all the streaming device models.

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