Roku streaming Device setup and Roku Activation Process

Roku Activation Process

Activate your Roku streaming Device and enjoy watching the best Programs that are on demand. There are a lot of streaming device brands available and each of them has unique features. These features focus the Interest of most of the users today. The Roku activation process remains the same for these models.

Start the Device Activation Process

To start the Roku activation process there are some essential steps to be followed.

  • Prepare the Roku streaming Device
  • Gather the essential Requisites
  • Create a Roku account and link the device
  • Complete the Guided setup Process ( Language and Display selection)
  • Establish a Good speed  Network  connection ( Wired or  Wireless Network Connection)
  • Troubleshoot the errors if you come across any

Roku Activation

Prepare your Streaming Device

If you have purchased the device for the first time, take it out from the package. Check if the package has all the essential requisites to the setup Roku (Power and Ethernet Cables)

Power on your Device and connect the Power cable to power up the device. The power connector must be connected to the Roku Player and the power adapter must be connected to the wall outlet.

Use the Ethernet cable if you prefer the wired network connection

To connect the streaming device to the TV, use a Premium HDMI cable. Ensure that you connect it to the respective slot.

Pair your Remote- Open the battery compartment and Insert the batteries to the Remote.Ensure that you have seated the batteries in proper position

Complete the guided Roku setup Process

The guided Roku com link setup process involves the Language and Display selection. Choose the required language from the Display screen. A list will appear on the screen and you can scroll up and down with your remote to choose the required Language

To set the display, use the Settings>Display > Display type.

Network connection

The next step will prompt you to connect the device to the Network. There are two methods.

Wired connection- To establish a wired connection, connect the Ethernet cable between the streaming device and the Router.

Wireless Connection – Choose the wireless Network connection type from the display and provide the credentials (username and the password). Provide the credentials and tap on the connect tab to connect the device to the Network.

The Green checkmarks visible on the screen indicate that the network connection status is active.

Wait until the device download and install the latest software automatically. Verify and ensure that it is the latest version.

Roku Account Creation

  • Roku account is essential to activate and link the streaming device.
  • Note down the Roku activation code that is visible on your Device screen to complete the Roku activation process.
  • Go to the respective webpage and provide the required information such as the Name, Username and Password.
  • Tap on the submit tab and go forward with the onscreen Instructions to complete the process.

roku account setup

Link the streaming device using the Activation code

Navigate to the page and log in with the credentials. A Page will open where you can type the code and the device will be linked to the account. Your streaming device is now ready to use

Troubleshooting the Roku streaming device setup Errors

Errors are common if you setup any streaming Device. It may be due to an Inactive account, Faulty Network connection and a lot more.

  • To resolve the Roku activation error, check your Roku com link account and the credentials which you are using
  • If it is a network error, check the username and the password of the wireless Network credentials. To resolve the wired connection errors, check the Ethernet cable connections.
  • Restarting the device can resolve most of the setup Errors. To restart, use the settings>system >system Restart.
  • Ensure that the HDMI Cable is connected properly in the respective slot. Try purchasing the premium HDMI cable to get good quality output.
  • Users who come across the errors with the activation code and get a new code by tapping on the start button of your Remote
  • If you come across any errors pairing the remote, press and hold the pairing button for at least 5 seconds. Try Replacing the remote with a new one

Use the above guidelines, setup your streaming device and start streaming your favorite Programs after completing the Roku Activation process by dialing our toll-free +1-844-318-4357. More instructions in detail to set up your streaming device are available on