Roku Account Setup to Activate your Streaming Device

Easy Guide for Roku Account Setup

Streaming devices are recently trending all over for the unique features and specification embedded in them. These devices are compatible and easier to work with, than the traditional cable connection. Taking the streaming devices into consideration, Roku players are efficient enough which lets you play the best movies and television shows without any hindrances.

 Browsing through the websites for proper guidelines for Roku account setup? You are at the right place.

roku account setup

Benefits in using Roku

  • Roku is one channel which offers tons and tons of free contents to its users. You can avail these contents on channels such as Red Bull TV, Sky News, BBC Sports, HBO GO( Roku), YouTube and TV player.
  • More than this, you can stream Catch-up TV on channels such as All4, ITV, Hub, Demand 5 and STV Player.
  • If you are a music lover, you should definitely check out Box Plus, Deezer, YouTube, TuneIn, VEVO.
  • You will get access to stream evergreen hits, original content and recent television shows on popular channels like Netflix and Amazon Video.

Roku Streaming Device Activation

The device activation includes four main steps that are given below.

  • Setup the Roku device
  • Hook it up on the internet
  • Roku account setup
  • Activate the Roku device using Roku activation link

Continue reading to know more in detail about the above-mentioned steps.

Roku Device Setup

Prior to the device activation, you have to complete the basic Roku setup. Just tag along with the directives below.

First of all, try connecting the Roku player to the television in which you are trying to stream. A television with an HDMI connection is all you require to hook up with the Roku device.

Make use of a high-speed HDMI cable or composite cables(for older television models) to connect your Roku streaming device.

You need to hook up the power connector to Roku and plug-in the power adapter into a wall outlet. Insert the batteries into the Roku remote as it is one of the important accessories.

roku device setup

When your device turns on for the first time, you should probably see the language settings in which you have to pick the language you prefer to use. Browse through the language list and tap the OK button to confirm your language choice.

Network Setup

It is impossible to stream without internet as the Roku player is totally based upon internet connection. You can use either a wired or wireless network, but make sure that it is a high-speed connection.

Once you complete the language setup, you have to move on with network setup. Initially, you have to choose either Wired or Wireless option.

When you pick the wired connection option, you are all done as the internet will hook up with the Roku device.

When you tap on the Wireless option, you will be able to see a list of networks from which you have to choose your home network. The device will connect once you enter the wireless credentials correctly.

A recent software version for the device will download automatically if your connection is successful.

Roku Device Activation

When the device turns on, after the software update, you will be able to see Roku activation code which is a combination of numbers and alphabets usually comes in five digits. Enter the Roku activation code on the website from your computer or mobile device and tap on the Submit button.

Roku Account Setup

A Roku account is vital to activate your device and stream contents. It is mandatory to create a Roku com link account before you proceed with the steps. The following steps will guide you through the Roku account setup.

To create a Roku account, you just have to provide a valid email address that you are currently using to receive essential announcements.

Visit the for creating a registered Roku account and enter the required information. You can do this at the time when you are activating the Roku device.

You will be prompted to add the payment method by providing your credit card or PayPal details. This will help you while purchasing subscriptions for famous channels. To safeguard your account, you can create a PIN which will prevent unauthorized purchases.

You have successfully completed the Roku activation process, now the device is all set to stream your favorite contents.

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