Roku TVs are a wonderful solution for all your streaming player related issues. It is pretty simple in how it works. The Sharp Roku TV comes with an inbuilt Roku device and is one of the best Roku TVs in the market.

In this article, we will let you know how to resolve if your Sharp Roku TV remote not working. But before that, a quick introduction to Sharp Roku TV and why Roku TVs are better than most of the other devices.

Sharp Roku TV Remote Not Working

Why Sharp Roku TV?

The advantages of Roku TV is that you have to spend no time in setting up the streaming device. Since it is already readily installed, you can skip ahead of the processes of having to setup your Roku device and connecting it to your TV. You can simply connect the TV to the internet and sign in to your account. The process is as simple.

Now, coming back to our initial question – How to resolve my Sharp Roku TV remote not working? Simple! Remotes malfunction because of one of the four reasons.

  1. The remote isn’t paired with the device that you want the remote to work on.
  2. The remote does not have juice left.
  3. There isn’t enough range.
  4. There is an issue either in the remotes transmitter or the TVs reviewer.
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So, we’re gonna try and find why your Sharp TV Remote is not working, and we’re going to resolve it.

Troubleshooting Sharp Roku TV remote not working

First things first, please pair the remote to your TV and if it already paired, there are chances that the pairing isn’t successful, so unpair the remote and pair it again with the Sharp Roku TV.

After you do that, please make sure that the remote is sufficiently powered and has batteries left. If your remote relies on charging, please ensure the remote is charged.

Once this is done, the remote should ideally work. If not, we’ll have to figure out where things have gone wrong. Only if we know that can we answer the question how to resolve when your Sharp Roku TV remote not working.

Download the Roku application on your phone, and try operating your Roku TV with it. If it works, then the remote has an issue, and you’ll have to change the remote.

Furthermore, If the Roku application powered mobile remote isn’t working as well, you might have to give us a call at +1-805-273-0200. We’ll take a closer look and will figure out how to resolve your Sharp Roku TV remote not working!

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