Privacy Policy

Privacy policy explains how we accumulate, secure and transfer the information or the Data which we gather from the users. It is essential to agree to the terms and Conditions, privacy policy before you make use of any service available

Intention of Data Collection

We collect the essential Information from the users and make use of it to build the respective accounts, to complete the payment or the transaction procedure.

Personal Information

Personal Information like Name, Email address, Credit card Information is essential to activate any service which you require

Besides, the above Information is important to communicate with all the Customers

Payment Information

Data or Information which we gather from users includes Credit card, PayPal Information. It is the responsibility of the users to maintain all the Information safe


Our website is not liable for any loss or misuse of Personal Information or payment information. Hence, strict laws will be incorporated to prevent the damage or threat associated with our website


  • Make use of Cookies to Download the Documents from our website and refer it to analyze the website traffic
  • It is equally Important to unblock the  Cookies  to access Our  website information

Reports to diagnose and resolve errors

We collect error reports from the users in the event of any Misuse, Threat or damage that arises


We maintain Confidentiality and keep all the information secure. Besides, without the prior Consent of the users, data or information will not be disclosed.


  • In the event of any misuse, threat, damage, misinterpretation of person or entity, we correspond to the information of the respective judicial authorities.
  • Furthermore, Any Violation of the Rules and Regulations will be penalized

Location Access

We also make use of the Location Information of the users to provide the required service, Activate or Deactivate your account, Cancel any transactions and a few more

User Responsibility

The responsibility of the Users Include

  • Maintain the User Accounts, Credentials like Username and the  password safe and secure
  • Similarly, Not to disclose the  Personal Information  to the Third Party Organizations
  •  Our website is not responsible for any threat arise due to the usage of the third party website or the service associated with it.

To know more about the Privacy policy that is available on our website, you can either visit our website; place a call on the toll-free number provided. Additionally, we have a team of experts to assist you.