Oscars 2019

An overview

Are you a die-hard Hollywood Fan? And are eager to know who among the celebs got the Best Actor Award in the following Year? Then, to your surprise here are the tinsel town stars back with their glitz to the very own Hollywood Boulevard. Besides, the date is officially announced for the Mega event to commence in Los Angeles, California. There are many glittering events taking place that evening with a number of power packed performances of the leading ladies and the Actors on the stage of Dolby Theatres, Los Angeles. So, get ready to start streaming Oscars on Roku this year, with some leading channels.

Oscars on Roku

Limelight of The Show

Catch your favorite celebs performing live only on DIRECTV Now with your power pack Subscription. The channel offers a lot of shows that are streamed live. In addition to that, there are many Enchanting Icons hosting the evening with the cutest of all being a seven-year-old star Kid.

Awards and Nominations

  • As usual, there are various categories
  • And then, there are many new chartbuster Hollywood hits to be nominated for the premier league of the show
  • There are many new actors and sheen actresses been portrayed for their eminent roles in the respective movies
  • For instance, some of the popular movies nominated are Green Book, A Star is Born, Vice, The Favorite, Roma, BlacK Klausman and a few more
  • The producer Nicolas Celis has hopes this year, which you can confirm with the Oscars on Roku.

Stream Oscars live

The Academy awards are telecasted on Cable TV with that particular channel subscription. The channel ABC telecasts Oscars every year. As a matter of fact, the channel subscription is a must, which requires a set of rules and regulations for channel activation on their Network. This makes the cable TV operators watch the Oscars at their home. Moreover, if you want to experience The Academy awards on live television, just select the online Direct TV Now option and then, start streaming Oscars 2019 online.

How can I avail the telecast on Cable TV

  • Link in your account with a channel to begin with
  • Create the Roku account and the login Credentials
  • Go to the channel store and then, click on add channel
  • Navigate to the channel subsequently and install on your device
  • Finally, the channel adds up to the channel list on your Home page
  • Submit the activation code for the particular channel
  • Now, avail Oscars on Roku 2019 with the ABC channel

Oscars on Social Media

Having network issues with your cable TV? have you cut the cords? are you looking forward towards watching the upcoming Academy awards and a bit confused about how to catch the award-winning performances? them hurry up and then, log in your social networking sites with your account, there are many social media links that lead to the live recording of the entertaining moments of the evening. Catch the Academy Awards on YouTube, Facebook official page, Instagram updates, retweet on famous tweets, the award function is tweeted widely by celebs with their glam attire and stunning poses. Get the limelight of the event on Tumblr, Snapchat stories of stars and Pinterest.

How to Watch the Oscars Without Cable?

Simultaneously, you can watch the Oscars 2019 without cable with channel subscriptions. There are a huge number of channels to browse through.

  1. Hulu TV
  2. Sling TV
  3. YouTube TV
  4. DirecTV Now
  5. PlayStation Vue

Furthermore, if you have any queries on how to watch Oscars 2019 without cable or Oscars on Roku, visit our hub Roku.com/link or feel free to call us our toll-free number +1-844-318-4357

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