We know that a lot of people watch the NFL, and we know a lot of people watch the Sunday night game on DirecTV. How different is it from the Monday or the Thursday night game? Well, it’s the prime spot! And that’s when the Super Bowl happens!

This Super Bowl, Amazon’s CEO Mr. Jeff Bezon joined the audience and watched the game with NFL’s president. This can possibly be a deal breaker, considering the fact that DirecTV is facing difficulties bringing people in to watch NFL on Sunday nights at NFLSundayTicket.TV/Roku. The truth is, there aren’t many that watch DirecTV – Definitely not as much as Amazon Prime.


Yes! With Amazon Prime in his hand, Jeff can easily offer to buy out the rights to telecast the Sunday night games! This can make easy for Amazon to display their product ads or their giveaways. They can even upsell the NFL or Super Bowl merchandise.

This is good business for both the NFL and for Amazon. They have lost significant customers after the parent company AT&T bought DirecTV. This is seen as DirecTV losing its place in the channel store because of the acquisitions.

NFL Sunday Ticket on DirecTV

In case if you needed tickets for NFLSundayTicket.TV/Roku, please go to the channel DirecTV. You can do this searching in the Roku channel store, or entering the right keyword in the Roku search.

Activating NFLSundayTicket.TV/Roku is not really that big of a deal. You simply open the DirecTV channel and enter the activation code shown in the screen on to the activation page in a separate device. Once this is done, please enjoy watching the channel you just activated.

DirecTV helps you watch your favorite sport. If you needed some Monday night football action, and search from ESPN. Downloading and installing the channel is same as DirecTV.

We really hope that whosoever streams NFLSundayTicket.TV/Roku, we get to watch it as economically as possible. There’s also word out there that Google is set out to buy the right as well, and they have the YouTube Red system in place, and the software is way more accessible to people that Amazon Prime.

We aren’t sure who to root for. But we’re here to help you. Whomsoever streams the content next year, we’ll help you stream from it. No matter what! If you need any help, visit or please call us via our toll-free number +1-805-273-0200.

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