Life Time TV channel is popular for the best programs and there are a lot of viewers and entertainment lovers who stream the channel. Begin the channel activation with and spend your time streaming the best program collections that are on demand. The channel activation process is easy if you refer to the guidelines below.

Check out the top shows

The top and the best shows such as the Project Runway, Dance Moms, American Beauty Starz, Little Women, Witches of east ends and a lot more grab the attention of most of the viewers.  Start selecting the top show and begin streaming. It will be really interesting and you will get an idea if you watch the trailers available.

How to activate Life Time TV channel?

Below are the steps for activating lifetime on Roku.

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Visit the Movies and TV section

Go to the Movies and TV section and start typing the name of the channel. If you select the channel and then tap on the Add channel tab the channel will be added automatically.

Proceed with the steps

Connect the device to the network and from your mobile device and you can go to the page As soon as you click on the URL a new page will open and you can select the device name from the list.

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Get the participating TV provider

As you proceed with the steps you can log in with the participating TV provider. Get the TV provider subscription by contacting the service provider. Always ensure that you use the right login credentials

Stream from your mobile device

Start streaming and if you are a mobile device user just start downloading the compatible Lifetime channel app from the store. Use the app and your mobile device will now turn to your best streaming companion

Stream the programs live

Do you wish to stream the contents live? There are live channel packages available and you just need to choose the right package and pay the respective subscription charges. Suggest you choose the package that really suits your budget.

Are you stuck with errors?

If you are really stuck with any errors during activation start using the available tips to avoid it right away. Identify the error type and choose the respective guide.

Get more help and support to complete steps you can talk to the support executives. Suggest you to note down the support number available on the

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