Stream Japanese Channels on Roku

The Roku does have a lot to offer its viewers, both local and international. Fans of Japanese television can now watch some great shows by activating Japanese Channels on Roku.


One of the biggest cable networks, IPTV, offers various packages through different rates, to watch some brilliant international programming on the Roku player. For this, the M3U PLAYLIST PLAYER has to be downloaded from the player’s CHANNEL STORE. On the MAIN SCREEN of the app, click on ADD NEW OR UPDATE PLAYLIST once you have installed it. Then against the ADD PLAYLIST URL SCREEN, without any blanks, enter your preferred URL and click on SAVE YOUR PLAYLIST. The MY PLAYLIST SCREEN contains a range of icons according to your selection. To go back to the main MENU, you have to press STAR or ‘*’.

Japanese Channels on Roku

Steps to Activate Japanese Channels on Roku


Costing about $6.95 per month, the Japanese Roku Channels service includes a 14-day free trial if you wish to see what it has to offer you. It could still cost you up to $11.95 per month if you were to get a PREMIUM membership. With this subscription, users can get access to live television or even same-day-aired content besides some additional device support.


With free access, you have limited access to both DRAMA and ANIME once you install Japanese Channels on Roku. They also come with commercials. The video streams at standard 480p resolutions along with some customer support features. Get limited access to MANGA


  • At a membership of $6.95 per month, users get access to the complete package of ANIME, DRAMA and MANGA.
  • SIMULCAST facilities let viewers watch Japanese programming one hour after it has been aired locally.
  • In addition to this, SIMULPUB lets you read current MANGA content the moment they are published in Japan.
  • The relay is free of commercials and is compatible with 1080p and 720p HD resolutions.
  • With guaranteed priority response and premium support on email, you can also avail of some great discounts in CRUNCHYROLL’s stores.


  • A category that all Japanese fans should have, costs just $11.95 per month and comes without any interruptions from advertisements.
  • With full access to all ANIME and DRAMA, MANGA, SIMULCAST and SIMULPUB features, the package has some additional attributes to offer as well.
  • Avail of free shipping on some of the products along with discounts from the CRUNCHYROLL Store.
  • You can also get special goodie bags, front-line privilege to events hosted by CRUNCHYROLL and other VIP Convention PERKS.
  • Members receive exclusivity to contents, virtual badges and premiere access to BETA testing for Roku TV Japanese channels.


  • On the Roku, ASIAN CRUSH is one of the most popular distributors of ASIAN channels.
  • The service includes a range of Asian video and feature film content inclusive of Japanese blockbusters.
  • Making it a point to acquire films with mainstream appeal, it also hosts a variety of genres such as horror, cult, drama, documentaries and much more.

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