Stream NFL Games 2019 on Roku

NFL or the National Football League matches are the ones that the entire country is waiting for! The season’s tentative start date has been announced as the September fifth of this year, and there is no doubt that the season will be one of the best seasons ever to have been streamed. Yes, you can watch NFL games 2019 on Roku as well!

Watch NFL Games 2019 on Roku

But the reason that this year’s season will be so special is the simple fact that this year’s season is the 100th year of NFL! The NFL game has been telecasting for more than 99 seasons and still is one of the most watched sports events of all time.

The draft for this season will be held from the dates April 25 to April 27, which you can watch in Roku as well, along with being able to watch NFL games 2019 on Roku.

Channels List to watch NFL Games 2019 on Roku

As per the latest news sources, the game rights have been given to four channels, and all four will be streaming the games live. Here are the four channels that’ll be streaming NFL games 2019.

  1. ESPN
  2. Fox
  3. CBS
  4. NBC
  5. And finally, NFL’s own network, the NFL Network (duh.)

Here’s the order in which each channel will telecast the NFL games and the order in which you can watch NFL games 2019 on Roku.

NBC will stream the Sunday Night Football game along with the Kickstarted and the Thanksgiving game. The ESPN will be streaming the following Monday Night game and the Pro Bowl Game. Fox has agreed to stream Thursday night game simultaneously with NFL Network.

How to activate channels and watch NFL Games 2019 on Roku?

It is pretty simple, and is more comfortable to watch the game in a streaming player like Roku and not in the cable. The recording feature, the reminder that you can set for the game all these allow you to just watch the game in peace and kick back with a drink. You can always record it to watch it later, or the channels themselves provide highlights that you can watch the day after.

To activate these channels, you can search for the channel or program that you’d like to see. In this case, we’d like to watch NFL games 2019 on Roku, so we search for NFL games. From the search result, download, install and activate the channel you need.

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