NASCAR, a name that most of the race fans are familiar with! The sporting event makes sure that all the drivers are rallied up, and are on full throttle. The fans over at the sporting event can enjoy the adrenaline rush, but what about the fans who aren’t?

Well, that’s where Roku helps! With Roku, you don’t even need a cable to be able to watch Nascar. You can simply download and install the channels that let you stream the Nascar online, and cut your cable cord off. You can watch NASCAR without cable from these channels.

How to Watch NASCAR Without Cable

Which channels stream NASCAR?

Before we go to the question of how to watch NASCAR without cable, we’ll probably have to ask which channels will let us stream NASCAR.

Though it varies with region, here are some of the most popular and common channels that stream NASCAR on Roku. FOX sports, if you have any Regional Fox channels or NBC sports channels, there is a good chance that they might stream NASCAR as well.

Now that we know which channels stream NASCAR, we’ll look into how to watch NASCAR without cable.

Activating the channels

Roku offers a fairly simple channel activation process. You don’t need anything but a stable internet connection and a Roku account from which you can sign in to and download the channels from. So, let’s go ahead and see how to watch NASCAR without cable!

1. Search for the right channels.

We know which channels let us watch NASCAR, so we search for those channels in the Roku channel store. You need not to search for the exact channel name. Any related keyword should do. For instance, since we’re looking how to watch NASCAR without cable, we can even look up for the keyword NASCAR, and Roku’s search algorithm will pick up channels that have the right to telecast the event, and you can choose one from it.

There are ways you can make this search simple. You can either use your Roku mobile application that’s available on the Android or the iPhone app store, and use that for voice command search, or you can go ahead and make it simple by using the voice command option in Roku remotes after the model RokuPremiere or Roku premiere plus.

These options will help you get the right channel.

2. Download and install the channel.

  1. Once you’ve got the channel from the Roku search, your next step is to install the channels.
  2. To do that, click on the channel from Roku search, and highlight them.
  3. Once the channel is highlighted, you can go ahead and click on the options.
  4. From the options, select install.
  5. The channel application will be installed to your Channel list, and you’re free to open them.

These channels, be it FOX or NBC can be a part of many of the many packages that Roku offers. Like, DirecTV or Hulu Live all have these channels as a part of their offering. You can also download them, instead of downloading these channels as individual channels.

3. Steps to Activate the channels

Now that we know how to watch NASCAR without cable, and which channels can offer NASCAR, we’ll now have to find out how to activate these channels.

  1. Once you install the channel, you can simply open the channel.
  2. When you first open the channel, you will be given an activation code, which you can take a note of.
  3. Now open a browser and in the page, enter the activation code for the channel, and now your channel will be streamable.

If you still have questions on how to watch NASCAR without cable, please let us know and we’ll help you with it. Our toll-free number is +1-844-318-4357

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