Stream MSNBC on Roku

A channel which was previously available only for cable subscribers is now available for Roku users across the country. That doesn’t mean that you have to ditch your cable subscription completely. Instead, you can use your cable connection details with your Roku to subscribe to the MSNBC live Roku channel. However, there are also other ways to watch MSNBC on Roku if you are a cord cutter. You can either subscribe to a participating TV provider service or simply add the MSNBC Roku private channel.

Watch MSNBC on Roku

Some people may already have subscribed to live TV services such as the following;

If you are one such user, then check with the service provider if the channel is part of your plan. In case it is not, simply add it to your plan by paying any additional costs if applicable. This may vary from one service provider to the other, where some may offer the channel free of cost.

Using your cable or TV provider credentials

The service provider or the cable TV provider has certain requirements for you to access MSNBC on Roku. First of all, you need to add the MSNBC app on your Roku streaming device. When you launch the channel, it will automatically request for your TV provider login. Enter these details and receive a channel activation code from the device. On the other hand, keep your PC or mobile device ready. On which you need to access the MSNBC activation page. Enter the code which you noted down here for initiating and completing the activation process.

Adding a private channel – steps involved

There are two categories of private channels that are currently supported by Roku devices. These are either channels still in the development stage or ones that have not been completely authorized by Roku yet. Whichever category the channel belongs to, use the following steps to know how to watch MSNBC on Roku.

  • From a computer or a mobile device, log into your Roku account and simultaneously, get the code for the private channel
  • Select the ADD A CHANNEL option on your account and then, enter the channel code
  • You must submit this code after which the MSNBC Roku channel gets added to your account
  • If not refresh your device, go to the SETTINGS menu à select the SYSTEM option à followed by SYSTEM UPDATE à finally, the CHECK NOW option
  • If at all the channel is a paid private channel, then you will be requested for the payment details at this point in time

When successfully added, you get the opportunity to start streaming MSNBC on Roku right away. If you seem to face issues during this channel setup process, then call us at our toll-free number +1-805-273-0200 immediately.

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