Tennis is such a beautiful sport. The elegance and the class of the sport, and the player’s ability to go to the game for over two hours is an example of great sportsmanship. Tennis, though has a lot of audiences worldwide, is most watched in the Australian and the American countries.

That’s why the Australian Open is considered one of the biggest tournaments in the game, and every top player wants to win it. Australian Open 2018 Final highlights how important the player’s attitude and stamina is, in a game like Tennis.

Australian Open 2018 Final Highlights

In the singles men’s division, it was Cilic Vs all time favorite and one of the Greatest of all time, Roger Federer. The match was so such a nail biter, with each player winning in alternate rounds. The fifth and the final, match deciding round was such a breeze though, as Federer won the round 6-1.

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