Guide for how to setup Roku using

Roku players seldom require any assistance when it comes to setup. You can easily learn how to setup Roku using in just a few easy steps as outlined in the Quick Start Guide. The device requires an HDMI connection along with recommended Wi-Fi settings to secure a connection and watch all your desired entertainment on your TV. While most Roku models are compatible with a smart TV, there are others like the Roku Express that allows connectivity with older TVs that use composite cables.

how to setup Roku

Internet connectivity

Before you install your Roku with, ensure that you have a strong wireless signal strength. Here are a few things that you should do before understanding how to setup Roku using


The device will deliver better video quality, in general, if you have a faster internet connection. A minimum of 3.0 Mbps for HD content and 1.5 Mbps for standard definition is recommended for best viewing results. Test the speed of your network by opening up a browser and typing

Router care

The firmware of your router has to be up to date. This drastically improves streaming performance. But more often this aspect is forgotten. For regular router updates and to maintain it in optimal condition, check the device manufacturer’s website.

Positioning the device

Place the player in the best possible area of your home. Find the least crowded channel for your router to locate the areas in your pad with the strongest signal strength with mobile apps like Wi-Fi Analyzer that turn your phone into a Wi-Fi detector.


One of the most important assets to a good Wi-Fi connection is a good Internet Service Provider. If you are unsure check online or learn from our agents how to setup Roku with performance-based ISPs.

The wireless extender

Increase the wireless coverage and range within your home with the help of a wireless range extender or booster. Use this method especially when you are unable to move the Roku player or the router from its position. Check if the router that you are using is the recommended model. Some devices come with a free HDMI extender to improve wireless reception.

Setting up the Roku player

The following steps are more or less the same for all Roku streaming devices with slight variations in commands between models. Here is how to setup Roku players with Roku link code.

  • Before you start, you must also ascertain the type of connection that your TV has – whether it is a composite connector or the HDMI
  • To carry both audio and video from the player to the TV, a single HDMI is sufficient. Alternatively, you will require three colored pins if you have composite ports.
  • All Roku models require network setup, so it would be best to gather your password for the SSID. For most devices, you can perform the wireless setup unless you are using the XS model, which requires a standard Ethernet cable.
  • Identify the HDMI-IN port of the TV and insert the extender/cable/streaming stick into it. If you are using a streaming stick, you just have to power on the device and start the Roku setup immediately. Otherwise, insert the other end into the Roku and then power the device on.
  • Thereafter, simply follow any kind of the instructions displayed on the screen of your TV.

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