We wish Roku allowed us to do that! The normal rooting that can be done with the Android and Linux Operating Systems is not possible with Roku, because Roku operates on a separate operating system called Roku OS.

So, instead of answering the question “How to jailbreak Roku and activate Kodi?”, we’re going to answer the question of how to watch Kodi on Roku. Kodi is an open source home theatre application developed to make your experience with the TV a better one too. They provide wallpapers, storage space for your movies, music, photos and albums and they provide a few titles and songs to stream and choose from. While Kodi, the open source content management software is by default not available on Roku, you can watch it by some other means as well.

How to Jailbreak Roku

Requisites for a Kodi on Roku connection

Instead of jailbreaking Roku, you can use the very simple feature hidden in Roku’s tool kit to watch Kodi on Roku. So, don’t ask us how to jailbreak Roku! Ask us how to cast screens from other devices!

Yes, you can watch Kodi or any other content from Roku via a secondary device. All you need to know is how to cast the screen from a secondary device. Here’s everything you need to do this.

  1. Roku device, synced with the Roku.com/link account, and active.
  2. A secondary device – This can be an Android or an Apple device, just make sure that there’s an option to cast its screen on to another device.
  3. An active internet connection.

If these three requirements are met, then you can easily watch Kodi on Roku without having to worry about how to jailbreak Roku!

Streaming Kodi on Roku

To do this, you will have to have a version 5.2 build or advanced builds for your Roku software on your Roku device. If you have a lower version, this might not help you, but there are other options. So update the device software to Version 5.2 and then go to settings. In settings, select Screen mirroring. Enable the screen mirroring and cast the device screen to your Roku device.

If you aren’t exactly sure how to do this, or if have any other questions on how Roku or Kodi works, please let us know. We’ll guide you through the solutions for your issues on how to Jailbreak Roku, and we’ll assist you in improving your streaming experience. Visit Go.Roku.com/expressplus – Our toll-free number +1-805-273-0200.

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