Roku applications are very helpful. They make any device your streaming device. All you have to do is simply to download and install the Roku app from the respective app stores, and login to your Roku account to get started. If you can do all these, then you can enjoy streaming shows that you like. For instance, if you’d like to install Roku app on Samsung smart TV, here is what to do.

How to Install Roku App on Samsung Smart TV

Android TV

If the Samsung TV that you own is an Android TV/Smart TV, it is easy to install Roku app on Samsung smart TV. All you have to do is to go to the Android App store.

  1. Once in the app store, search for the Roku application.
  2. Please download the application and wait for the TV to download it.
  3. After the download, the application will be installed in your Samsung Smart TV.

This installation might take a few minutes, and it’s speed is based on the strength of your internet connectivity.

Login to your Roku account

After you install the Roku application on your Samsung smart TV, go ahead and open the application. The first thing you will see is a prompt to login to your Roku account, and screen asking for your user ID and the password.

After you enter them both, Roku will give you a Roku activation code as an additional safety measure. This code will be communicated to you through the communication channel that you had opted for in your account. After you enter the code, you will be taken to the application.

Why do I have to install Roku app on Samsung smart TV?

Well, the answer is pretty obvious! You get to use Roku in your Samsung TV without having to own a Roku device and connect it directly to your Samsung TV. You can stream anything you want, just like you do with the Roku device, but you can do so without a physical Roku device connected to your TV.

This Roku application can be downloaded and can be installed for other devices as well, like your Android phone, iPhone or Apple TV. The Roku application if installed in your mobile, can be used as a perfect replacement for your Roku remote, meaning you can search, switch channels and control volume.

All this, from a single powerful Roku app! So, what are waiting for? Install Roku app on Samsung smart TV, today. Visit or call us on our toll-free number +1-844-318-4357.

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