To connect Google Home to any of the devices that you use at your home, navigate to the app store and download the quick remote app. This app will have the required settings to connect Google Home to Roku streaming device.

How to Connect Google Home to Roku

Living Room now becomes an entertainment Hub

  • Use Google Home, the smart speaker to play your favorite music and it’s interesting that you make all your selections using voice commands
  • Connect the speaker to any of the devices at your home and turn your living room to an entertaining hub
  • If you are new to Google Home do not worry and we will explain how to connect google Home to Roku
  • It’s simple if you use the app, Quick remote
  • As Roku doesn’t support the speaker directly you can download the Quick remote from the app store
  • Users who have a plan to buy Google Home can always reach us to get the information on the features and specifications of the smart speaker
  • The audio quality of the device is extremely good and the voice assistance technology is the best
  • It is rare for the occurrence of errors. In case if the errors pop up, just check your Google account, compatibility of your Android device, reset all your devices and a lot more

Start downloading the quick remote app

  1. To download the Quick remote app you can visit the app store. Find the app, select it and tap on the download tab
  2. Before you start, check if the internet connection that you use is active
  3. Accept the user license agreement and you can proceed with the onscreen instructions on the screen
  4. The final step is to double tap on the quick remote app to open it.
  5. As you go on with the installation steps you will receive a prompt to select the device name
  6. A list will appear and by referring it you can make the device selection
  7. Tap on Google Home sign in option. Select the account and  try creating a new one if you don’t have
  8. Speak using your voice and use the commands to make the required selection that you prefer
  9. Double check and validate activation steps, the account that you use in case if you are stuck with errors

If you want to know How to connect Google Home to Roku, speak to our support executives and they are certified to answer all your queries and will reach you via the support number +1-844-318-4357

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