Simple Steps For Setup Process

Roku is one of the leading digital media players offering online entertainment. The Roku streaming device gives access to more than 100 plus live channels and uncountable blockbusters of the season. Establish a good speed network using setup and your streaming becomes much easier.


Connect Your Roku Wireless Device Via

Some of the Roku devices:

Third Generation:

  • Roku 3 (2015)
  • Roku 3 Model – 4230 came out on the year 2015

Fourth Generation:

  • Roku 4

Fifth Generation:

Sixth Generation:

Initially, new processors were introduced for Streaming Stick, Roku Express and Express Plus devices in this generation.

Roku TV:

A Roku device, when combined with TCL TV, gives a picture-perfect resolution. Also, with HDR 10 resolution and a Dolby Vision, the 4K TCL TV stands out of the crowd.

Roku Software:

Roku Software is mandatory to run the device. Having the current version of Roku OS helps in adding new features and fixes the bug in earlier versions. Roku 8.0 is compatible to use with the devices that are from the second generation.

Furthermore, with new features, Roku OS 9.0 is to be commenced from November 2019 for all devices.

Now, let’s see how to connect your The hassle-free steps about Roku wireless connection are elaborated here.

Device and Port:

Initially, check whether there is an HDMI port on your TV; this way you can connect your power cord with the device and TV. The recent era televisions have an HDMI Port attached to their side panel.

  • If you are having a Roku Stick, plug one end of your HDMI connector to the port on the side or back side panel (differs according to TV model).

Get your Roku device a power source:

  • Be it any model, there is a power cable given along the Roku device. Affix one end of the cable to the device and the other side to a power source.

The alternate solution when a power outlet is not nearby:

Some of the Roku models and TVs have USB Power Cable and USB Ports. Instead of connecting the cables to outsource, you can use the USB cable to connect with the Roku device.

Selecting the Input for your Roku:

First, turn on your TV and determine the slot in which your has been inserted into. Second, you can either change the source by opting for the “Input” button. (This option may differ according to your TV( and remote.)

Connect your Roku to the wireless network – Go Roku Com Wireless

  • When your Roku is put together, the screen suggests selecting the preferred language.
  • Going further, the next step is to connect Roku on a wireless network through
  • The next screen prompts for connecting the Roku device to a wireless Network; the screen has all the networks that are available under the proximity of your device.

Finally, look through the list and select your network that has a strong range of service. Enter your credentials and proceed by giving Ok on the screen. Your Roku is now set up on your Go Roku Wireless Network when it asks for  Roku OS download.

Additionally, get your own Roku com link account with the instructions from our website. Also, call us at +1-844-318-4357 for further assistance to complete the setup on your Roku streaming device.

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