Temperature check is an important parameter that you need to verify if you use your streaming device for a long period of time. As you keep streaming, there are chances that your device may get overheated. Hence, we suggest our customers perform go.roku.com/tempcheck and start maintaining the temperature at the right level.Cool your device temperature and check the room temperature where you place the device before you start streaming and then, you can stream without any interruptions.


Look for the warning message

As the error pops up, you will get a warning message stating that your device is overheated or a red light will start blinking on your streaming device. Look if your device shows this warning symbol or message at the right corner of the screen. If so you can start troubleshooting the error with the help of setup instructions or troubleshooting tips.

How to avoid temperature errors on your Roku?

Let us make a note of the available go.roku.com/tempcheck guidelines to resolve the temperature error of your Roku streaming device.

Try restarting your device

Perform a quick restart and it is easy to avoid most of the errors associated with the device. Take out all the cables that you connect to the device and then connect back all the cables. You can now check if the errors resolve and if the errors still remain we suggest you to repeat the steps again. Soft, hard or factory reset can be done. Only quality cables must be used to power up your device.

Power level

Check the level of power consumed by the device using Go.Roku.com/lowpower and make sure that level is accurate and do not deviate from the required value. Double check that you attach the power cables in the respective slot.

Place your device in a cool place

Check the location or position where you place the device and make sure that it is a cool one. Try not to place the device in a closed cabinet or any other closed space. Do not expose the device directly to the sunlight as the sun rays that fall on your streaming device can heat up your device quickly.

Replace the remote batteries

Check the seating of the batteries and then, make sure that it is in a proper position. Take out the batteries, wait for some time and then place it again in the respective slot. Make sure that the batteries do not get overheated.

Replace or service your device

You have executed all the troubleshooting tips and if the errors still remain you can replace the streaming device and then, use a new one with top features and specifications. Try servicing the device and you can get the free service if the device is under warranty period.

Use the above tips and start resolving the temperature error right away.

Perform a go.roku.com/tempcheck and then, execute the troubleshooting steps right away if you come across the temperature errors on your device. Visit Roku.com/link or contact the support team to know more how to perform go.roku.com/tempcheck and also, to get more updates.

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