We at go.roku.com/techsupport provide support for Roku users to activate and also, install their device without any hassle. Our technical experts are always ready to give clear elucidation for the customers with regard to the setup process, activation and troubleshooting.

However, users should own a stable and strong internet network connection and defect free accessories to connect the devices. Advanced Roku remote can help the users to control the Roku device and then, select the video content either manually or by voice commands.



At present trends of streaming services, Roku is one of the cost effect streaming devices in the market. With Roku, a user will be able to get a wide range of content from around the world apart from various other entertaining features. Get world-class entertainment channels which include Amazon prime, HULU, HBO, YouTube, Disney, Netflix and also, many other genres of entertainment. Roku offers both free and paid subscriptions for their customers. The user can choose their choice based on their favorite shows and series.

In case you need assistance in adding or activating any of these premium channels on your Roku, then you can visit our website go.roku.com/techsupport.

Roku Device Setup

Roku is a very effective streaming device that connects to your TV through the HDMI port on your TV. Connect the Roku streaming device to the HDMI port firmly. If any space compatibility trouble is there with the port, use the HDMI extender cable in your package to connect the device with your TV.

  1. On your remote, look for the input button or similar to that and press the button
  2. You can see the available port options on your TV and select the connected port
  3. You should power up the device by connecting the power cord to the streaming player
  4. Take the power cord from the package and connect one end to the device and another end to the power outlet firmly
  5. Turn on the device and to connect with the internet, scan for the available networks on your Roku device
  6. Then, choose your network name in the available networks
  7. If it is a wired connection, then connect the Ethernet cable to your player
  8. Set the display type on your TV and proceed with the Roku device activation steps
  9. For Roku activation, enter the necessary payment credentials and other Roku account details
  10. You will receive the device activation code
  11. Enter this code by accessing the Roku.com/link site
  12. Do this step separately on your personal mobile or computer

Besides, if you want to get personal assistance for such device or channel setup, then visit go.roku.com/techsupport, or contact our agents by the toll-free number +1-844-318-4357.

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