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A Roku TV has many ports to connect to and therefore, it can be confusing to choose the right one during playback. In such circumstances, you can make use of the guidelines which allow you to make the correct choices while streaming.

Your Roku TV ports and the display icons are consistent with one another and are also demarcated using the same code. For instance, the HDMI 1 physical port on the TV is denoted by the same name on the display screen as well. Therefore, choosing the correct Roku TV input shouldn’t be any difficulty in a brand-new TV.

Selecting the Roku TV Input Through

However, when your TV gets a little older, the markings on it may wear away and hence you are left to guess the name of the port. This is where our guidelines will help you choose the right device.

Decide on an input type first

Depending on your input source, the type of port that it will fit into will vary. In case of a Roku TV you have a choice between one of the following;

  • HDMI 1
  • HDMI 2
  • AUX
  • Video
  • TV/Video

These options and the number of ports offered will vary between one Roku TV brand to another. Therefore, choose an option keeping in mind your specific Roku TV brand and model. After establishing the connection, also ensure that you have a good-quality internet to complement your efforts.

You can also troubleshoot the low power warning issue in your Roku with

You may need your remote

For making a choice for the Go Roku Select input, you need to take help from the remote provided for your device. In most cases, these manual buttons may not be available on your TV and for details, speak to the device manufacturer. The arrow keys are the ones that allow navigation through your choices followed by the ENTER button which confirms the selection.

If you have lost the remote or want to control multiple devices at the same time, then you can install the Roku app on a mobile device. This can be a smartphone (Apple, Android or Windows) or a tab and you can use the same network as your Roku TV. You can use our guidelines to learn how to effectively use the app for input selections.

During the selection process, you can select one video at a time. Don’t select too many videos as the device will have some issues confirming it. After selecting a video, give it a minimum time break of ten minutes and then select the next video.

Error messages

When your input selection is incorrect or is not valid, then your Roku TV will automatically issue an error message. You must then decipher this message and rectify the issue to start streaming without any hassles. Such error messages or reports are also common when you stream a video. And this in return can be a server issue or a network issue according to which you will receive an error.

The error messages, with respect to Roku, are never ambiguous and are always easy to troubleshoot. Provided you have the right guidelines,, to guide you through the processes. For any more queries on selecting an apt input, visit or contact us at our toll-free number +1-844-318-4357.

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