Roku’s Enhanced ‘point-anywhere’ Remote

The latest generation of Roku players is equipped with an enhanced point-anywhere remote that works over a wireless network rather than the infrared. Incidentally, the remote does not have to be pointed directly at the player for the commands to work (and hence the name). Install or place the player anywhere and you will still be able to operate it with the point-anywhere remote.

  • Visit for pairing issues between the player and the remote
  • When you undertake the pairing process, a ROKU ENHANCED REMOTE PAIRING screen displays
  • The remote is ready to control the device after the process is complete

Roku Remote Problem –

While the Roku remote seldom encounters issues, you can troubleshoot these issues easily by getting some Roku Remote Help from our experts. Alternatively, call Go Roku Tech Support for a resolution.

You are having a Roku Remote Problem when you see that:

  • The remote is not pairing
  • You are not able to control your Roku device
  • The device does not respond even after pressing buttons repeatedly

Troubleshooting the issue

Perform the Roku Remote Troubleshooting process when you see that the remote is not working.


For this, first, restart your remote and the player.

  • Remove the batteries from your remote
  • From your Roku device, remove the power cable
  • Thereafter, re-connect the power cable having waited for at least 5 seconds


When you encounter the Roku Remote Not Working problem, you should try performing the pairing process once again.

  • First, remove the batteries from your remote and the power cable from your Roku
  • Then after about 5 seconds, reconnect the power cable
  • Reinsert the batteries in your remote just as the Roku device displays the HOME screen
  • Inside the battery compartment of your remote look for the pairing button
  • Press and hold this for at least 3 seconds
  • A pairing light will begin to flash on the remote
  • Try again if you do not visualize the light

Note: When the light is not seen at all, simply get some fresh batteries to replace old ones

  • Wait for at least 30 seconds after placing fresh batteries to see a remote pairing dialog appear on the screen

Fresh batteries

Sometimes, a Roku Remote problem can be alleviated by simply replacing the batteries. For more information visit

Inserting batteries

  • A pair of matched batteries are always included with the streaming player for immediate use
  • Generally, these are safe, but at the same time, it is better to exercise caution when you handle them
  • Slide open the compartment to insert the accompanying pair
  • You will hear a click when it sits in place snugly

Note: The negative and positive terminals may be in opposite directions for each battery depending on the model of Roku remote


  • As indicated inside the battery compartment, the Roku remote uses either AA or AAA size batteries
  • Always start by replacing the existing batteries with fresh new ones if you have any issues with your Roku remote
  • Whenever possible, use batteries from the same manufacturer
  • Inserting deformed, leaking and damaged batteries should be avoided
  • All batteries should be replaced at the same time

You can either browse for all Roku Remote Not working issues. Visit our hub Roku com link or you can also reach out to Go Roku Tech Support at +1-844-318-4357.

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