A red light starts flashing as a warning indicative of the go.roku.com/lowpower problem. You may even see a LOW-POWER message. This also means that the player is not receiving adequate power to stream from the internet. The Roku Streaming Stick connects directly connected to the TV’s HDMI port and picks up content from a designated network to display on to your TV. At the same time, there are several setup instructions that have to be performed for the device to function appropriately.


Troubleshoot the Go.roku.com/lowpower Warning

Go.roku.com/lowpower warning message

If you are using a USB-powered Roku device, then you will encounter the Go Roku LowPower issue. While nothing might seem wrong with the device on the outside, when a warning message is displayed, then it means your device is prone to crashing, instability and unpredictable behavior. Videos don’t get loaded or they are constantly buffering.

Different messages

There are two ways in which you could receive deterrents pertaining to Roku low power. A red light keeps flashing on the device or alternatively a go.roku.com/lowpower message is displayed on the screen.

Solid red light

  • Instead, if you see that there is a solid red light on your device, then it indicates overheating.
  • At this time, you may even receive an on-screen warning message such as YOUR DEVICE IS OVERHEATING. FOR HELP VISIT go.roku.com/tempcheck


  • The TEMPCHECK module more or less outlines the following steps to address overheating
  • Allow the device to cool down by unplugging the power cable from the player
  • Wait for the player to cool down – this should take at least 10 minutes
  • Replug the Roku and wait for it to turn on completely
  • If the problem persists, try using an HDMI cable extender between the TV and the Roku device

Tips to avoid overheating

There are also certain tips mentioned to avoid device overheating.

  • Do not place the gadget on top of electronic devices that tend to heat up such as routers, cable boxes, AV receivers and such.
  • Place the player in an open space and desist from keeping it inside a cabinet or enclosed storage space.
  • At other times do not place directly under sunlight.

Red light flashing

Generally, the light on the front of the device panel seems white or is just off. However, it may start flashing when you start pressing the buttons on the Roku remote. But if your device has insufficient power, then the red light starts flashing intermittently.

  • To resolve this first, check if the USB cable running to the Roku is genuine and it is indeed the one that came with the package
  • Replace the USB cable with the original one, if it is not the same
  • Alternatively, try inserting the Roku Stick into another port on your TV
  • Usually, this solves the problem
  • And even then if nothing works, induce direct power
  • Using the included power adapter and the power cord connect the player to a power outlet directly
  • This works to the users’ advantage when you do not have to power it up every time you turn the TV on

To get personal assistance for go.roku.com/lowpower procedure, call our toll-free lines @ +1-844-318-4357 or visit our hub Roku.com/link.

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