Go.roku.com/connectivity Troubleshooting

Errors can occur even after you have got all your connections hooked up, and readied the Roku for a setup process. Along with the error, the Roku displays an indication which denotes the same. In such cases, visit go.roku.com/connectivity.

The router

Instead of diving head-on into a comprehensive troubleshooting process ensure that you have set up the router to accept proper signals and reception.

Sometimes, the router settings do not accept the Roku’s credentials.

In such cases ensure that it contains an External IP Address and check the DNS settings on your router.

For DNS1 or DNS2 IP Addresses as 192.168.1.x, the Roku will not get connected.

Verify the following steps at go.roku.com/wireless.


Connect Your Roku Device To The Wireless Connection Through Go.roku.com/connectivity

Steps to fix the router

  • Go to the internal IP address to navigate to your router

Note: Entering the actual web address into your browser may not enable going to your router settings

  • At the login screen, enter the password (Usually the default entry is PASSWORD)
  • If the above does not work, then it is highly likely that the password was modified during the router configuration process
  • Scroll down to the DNS entries and check the numerals
  • In case your computer has built-in DNS Settings, it can overcome this issue
  • But since the Roku Wireless Connection depends upon an External IP address to communicate to the internet, you must replace the DNS with a public address
  • You can also try using Google’s public address
  • Call your Internet Service Provider if you have any doubts
  • After you have performed all the modifications, save the current settings

Running setup on the Roku again

  • Reboot and bounce the router for at least up to 15 seconds before you start it up again
  • Power all the hardware and devices back and this time, if the DNS is properly set, then the Roku Wireless Connection will recognize the internet.

Get some basics right

  • Incorrect entry of a case-sensitive password is one of the most basic errors
  • Make sure that you have chosen the correct wireless network name
  • Since passwords are sensitive to detail, using different keys on a keyboard can lead to mistyping
  • Router connections do break down once in a while. If you are still unable to sustain a connection on the router, it is best to change it.
  • For a continuous Roku won’t connect to wireless network, if the other devices seem to be connecting well, then you may want to alter the signal’s strength.
  • Remove obstructions from the router’s path, such as furniture, wall or any other physical element that can block the signal travelling from the router to the Roku device.
  • If nothing works, simply restart all your devices, including the Roku. Most go.roku.com/connectivity issues disappear with this fix.
  • To do this, first press SETTINGS and here you will find the SYSTEM option following which, you will find the SYSTEM RESTART option under this menu.

If you are still having trouble in go.roku.com/connectivity to the internet, our experts are available at +1-844-318-4357 or visit Roku.com/link to help you.

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