Connect Roku Express Plus to Roku TV

Roku Express plus is one of the best streaming Device brand available in the market today. Superlative Features of the device grab the attention of most of the users today. Check out the reviews, purchase the device and connect it to your Roku TV.

To connect Roku Express Plus with old TV

Check out the steps below to connect Roku Express Plus with your old TV. To start with a check and ensure that the streaming device is compatible to use with the Roku TV

  • Turn on your Roku Express Plus streaming Device. Connect the power cables to the device to power up the device. Choose the right input to insert the power cable.
  • Search for the Roku Logo visible on the screen

Roku Express Plus

Pair your remote with your TV

  • Now pair the remote with your TV. Place the batteries. Check the seating of the batteries and ensure that it is accurate.
  • If the remote doesn’t pair to your TV, press and holds the pairing button for at least five seconds.

Execute the Guided Setup Process

  • Once you power on the device, the screen will prompt you to choose the language and the Display selection. Use the settings >Display to choose the compatible display for your device.

Internet Connection

  • As you go on with the instructions, you will be prompted to connect the device to the Network (username and the Password). Tap on the option, wireless and provide the credentials.
  • Click on the connect tab. Look for the green checkmarks as it indicates the status of the network connection. The red check mark indicates the network error and you need to execute the troubleshooting guide.

Software Download

Once you connect the Roku Express plus to the Network, the device will automatically download and update the software. Check if the device downloads the latest version of the software.

Get a Premium HDMI cable and connect it to the respective Port

 You can now purchase a premium HDMI cable and connect it between your streaming device and Roku TV.  We always suggest using a quality brand to obtain the device output promptly.

Check the compatibility of the HDMI cable to use with your Old TV model

Some of the older models of Roku TV is not compatible to use with the Premium HDMI cables. In that case, you can replace the HDMI cables with the composite Audio video cables

Create a Roku account and use the code on the display screen to link the Device

The final step is to create a Roku account and use the code that is displayed on your TV screen. Users who do not have a Roku account can create one by visiting the right webpage. Once you tap on the link to create an account, you will be prompted to provide the required information such as Name, username, Password, and email ID.

To resolve the error while you connect the streaming Device to the TV

  • Check the Composite cable that you use to connect them to your Roku TV
  • Ensure that you connect the HDMI cable to the respective Port. If the error still persists, try purchasing a new HDMI cable
  • Disconnect all the cables connected to the device. Deactivate the network connection. Wait for some time and connect the device again

Get more instructions to connect the streaming Device to your Roku TV by visiting You can also try contacting the Network support team @ +1-844-318-4357 to get more updates.

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