There are many reasons why people pick Roku over the other streaming devices to buy. The main reason is the affordability that Roku poses over the streaming devices. It is affordable on all levels, be it one-time purchase or be it regular channel purchase and updates. The gadgets and service charges are also way lesser than the competition. So, people obviously choose the affordable Roku over the other competition.

Another prominent reason is that Roku finds ways to incorporate a lot of advanced features in their gadgets. They have infrared remotes that can operate TV and the Roku gadget, without having to point them over to the gadget, and they’ve introduced voice command and private listening as well.

Best Roku Channels

But, after all this, Roku is still famous for one reason. The content that the channels allow you to stream via Roku. The number of channels available in Roku is too much for anyone to ignore. More important, many of the best channels in Roku are free. You can download and install them to your Roku account without paying any fee.

All you need is a Roku account that you can add the channels too, and a Roku device that you can stream the channels from. A few of the Best Roku channels are,

Some of the Best Roku Channels

  1. HBO
  2. DirecTV
  3. CBS
  4. Crackle
  5. PBS
  6. ABC
  7. Tubi
  8. HULU

These are just a few channels that are most watched by the users of Roku. There are a lot of channels that compete on the same platform as well, owing to the content neutral policy in Roku.

Add Private channels on Roku

Apart from these channels, Roku also provides private channels as well. Private channels in Roku means that you cannot find them in general Roku searches and you will need a separate key code to find and activate the channel.

Other than the private channels all the other Best Roku channels can easily be added to your channel list. All it takes is a few minutes, a Roku com link account and a separate web browser page opened.

Once you log into your Roku account, search for the keyword. From the channels in the search result, download and install the channel that you need and then open the channel. When you open it for the first time, you will have to enter the activation code in the browser window.

There! The Best Roku channels and your favorite one is installed to your account. You can always reach out to us if you have trouble figuring out how to install a channel to your Roku account. Our toll-free number is +1-844-318-4357

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