Enter Roku Link Code

To get started with Roku, you must enter the Activation Roku Code. This is probably the last step in Roku activation. And to do that, your Roku device and the device it is connected to must be connected to the same network. Users usually get this connection up and running in no time in a wired type. But WiFi is a totally different ball game. Because of this issue, our customers often run into a problem or the other while trying to get their Roku activation code.

A lot of people face a lot of different issues with the setup. This is a guide for most of the issues and will be a troubleshooting manual.

Activation Roku Code

Why to connect?

It is almost similar to connecting a mobile phone or tablet to the Wifi. You find the right connection and then type the password.

For the Roku device to be up and running and for it to show the Activation Roku Code, the devices must be connected to the same WiFi!

Where you could go wrong while getting the Activation Roku Code-

In finding the network. If there are more than one Wifi networks available, you are probably trying to connect with a network that is not yours.

Password :

There are chances that the password that was typed wasn’t right. Maybe the upper case, maybe a typo. But, it is always wiser to reenter the password.


There can two issues with the router. No device is getting an internet connection. Or Roku alone isn’t getting an internet connection. So no device is getting it, we advise you restart the router or visit Go.Roku.com/wireless. If problems persist, please contact us +1-805-273-0200. If other devices are able to connect it but Roku is not able to do it, there are issues with the signal.

And finally, consider reducing the distance between the Roku device and the internet router. Removal of any obstacles in between can help too. By obstacles, we mean plants, doors, walls or cabins. This problem seems to cause trouble in offices where there are cubicles.

After all these, you should finally be able to connect your Roku device with the same network as your TV or phone. Now, you can visit the Roku.com/link page and enter the Activation Roku Code, and can connect to your Roku account. If you have any issues with connecting the device to your Roku account or entering the credentials like Activation Roku Code in the Roku page.

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